Greenhouse production

Turnkey Greenhouse Installation Service

Greenhouse farming
at its best

Cytech Corbin has set an ambitious goal of providing a state-of-the-art greenhouse installation service with the help of the best partners in the field. We support 100% of each greenhouse project, including electricity and lighting, advanced control and automation, ventilation and irrigation. Inspired by the “Plant Empowerment” philosophy, we strive to enable you to grow productive, profitable and high-quality crops.

Distinctive Benefits

Trust us with your project from A to Z

Cytech Corbin surrounds itself with all the specialists necessary for the design, installation and management of greenhouses. With this state-of-the-art expertise, our team ensures perfect control of crop growth conditions. That’s what ensures the quality of the projects!

Choose peace of mind

Hoogendoorn advanced control system, automation… Technology works for you, not the other way around! In addition, take advantage of our technical support available 24/7 to conduct your project with complete serenity.

Make your production profitable

Automate your crop settings and enjoy high-quality plants and higher volume. Thanks to data-driven growing, you control all the parameters for stable production and maximum profitability!

See the magic in action

A 100% controlled environment allows you to optimize the growth parameters of each plant. This rapid growth, filmed in 24 hours, proves the effectiveness of all the systems combined.

Our projects are driven by the best partners

Looking for more information?

Whether it’s a small or a large greenhouse, our specialists can guide you through the start of your greenhouse project.